Heavy & Light Vehicle Modifications

Border Crane Consultants is a NHVR / VicRoads approved Heavy and Light Vehicle Modification Signatory for the Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS). 

BCC is accredited for VASS inspections by VicRoads and supplies nationally recognised heavy and light vehicle compliance, valid in all states and territories. 

Vehicle and equipment modifications are common and must be carried out in accordance with national guidelines and meet standards for registration to ensure a minimum level of safety for drivers and passengers. This includes vehicles that are already registered and vehicles being registered for the first time. 

As an approved Approved Vehicle Examiner (AVE) with 2 signatories, BCC can provide blue plates and VASS approval certificates for the following codes:


Heavy Vehicle Standards [VSB6 Version 3]
National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

  • A4 - Exhaust Vehicle Modification
  • C1 - Tail Shaft Alterations
  • D1 - Rear Axle Installation
  • G1 - Relocation of Air Brake Components
  • G6 - Air Operated Accessories
  • H1 - Wheelbase Extension Outside OEM Options
  • H2 - Wheelbase Reduction Outside OEM Options
  • H3 - Wheelbase Alterations Within OEM Options
  • H4 - Chassis Frame Alterations
  • H5 - Trailer Chassis Modifications
  • J1 - Body Mounting
  • J3 - Fitting of Roll-Over or Falling Object Protection System
  • K1 - Seating Capacity, Alteration, Seal, Seatbelt and Anchorage Installation
  • K2 - Certification of Seat and of Seatbelt Anchorage
  • K3 - Cabin Conversion
  • K5 - Installation of Wheelchair Occupant Restraint System
  • K6 - Child Restraint Anchorage Installation
  • M1 - Fuel System Alterations
  • P1 - Tow Coupling Installation – Vehicles Over 4.5 Tonne GVM
  • P2 - Fifth Wheel Kingpin Installation
  • R1 - Vehicle Mounted Lifting Systems 
  • R2 - Wheelchair Loader Installation
  • S1 - GVM/GCM Re-Rating


Light Vehicle Standards [VSB14]
Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications

  • LK1 -  Seat and Seatbelt Installation/Removal
  • LK2 - Seat and Anchorage Certification
  • LK6 - Child Restraint Anchorage Installation
  • LH6 - Vehicle Construction
  • LH7 - Body/Chassis Variants Conversion [GVM upgrade/Lovells BTC upgrade]
  • LH11 - Campervan, Motorhome Conversion

Examples of modifications for which an approval certificate will be required include:

  • Engine changes where the engine is not an option offered for that model by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Structural modifications e.g. truck chassis extension
  • Brake modifications (check VSI 8 - Modification Guide for acceptable modifications not requiring an approval certificate)
  • Vehicles modified to provide wheelchair access and restraint
  • Modifications or additions to heavy vehicles (check VSI 8 - Modification Guide for acceptable modifications not requiring an approval certificate)
  • Chassis replacement on a vehicle that has a separate chassis
  • Vehicle has been modified to a tow truck

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